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Patras Battles

The main tournament organized by the Patras Stratego Team is the International Tournament Series Patras Battles. In addition to the top Greek players, Stratego’s top players worldwide, also the top player of International Stratego Federation rating list, Pim Niemeijer have taken part. Patras Battles has been rated as the top stratego tournament under the World Championship only.

As part of the tournament, various classes are organized as for children (Junior), where they can claim a place in the big category.

The venue of the tournament is always carefully selected so that the aesthetic performance is top notch.

  • 2016: University of Patras Choir Hall
  • 2017: Agora Argiri Conference Room
  • 2018: Main hall of the Patras Municipal Library
  • 2019: Aigli Hall (Veso Mare)

In 2018 Patras Battles took the form of the Panhellenic Championship and as part of that impressive opening ceremony was held at King George I Square with the aim of highlighting the strategist’s sport in our local society.

Patras Battles 2019

For the fourth consecutive year, the Patras Stratego Team hosted the 2019 Patras Battles International Tournament on the weekend of March 22-24.

The Dutch and World champion Niemeijer Pim, the World and Greek champion Vandoros Yiannis, the great British and last champion in the Patras Battles 2017 Palley Charlie, the American champion Baron Angel and our greatman Dennis the Dutchman . Also all the Greek elite along with senior and junior players of Patras Stratego completed the entries.

The tournament took place in a beautiful atmosphere, Aigli Hall, in the department store of Veso Mare, Patras where participants, spectators and organizers enjoyed every moment.

On Friday, March 22, the Junior category with 18 entries took place. After 5 rounds with Swiss Perfect, Karelas Gerasimos won 1st place, 2nd Dimopoulos Ioannis and 3rd Molonis Georgios.

The big event took place on Saturday and Sunday with 36 entries. The opening ceremony featured all the players along with the promo video of Patras Battles 2019. Vandor Ioannis was also honored by Baas Dennis for winning the 4th World Online Championship.

All players received their sign-up package with a commemorative T-shirt, a qualification, an information book, free access to the Android Strategeiras App app and their personal identification card.

Patras Battles 2019 followed the Swiss Perfect system with 8 rounds. Three of them took place on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. Patras Stratego Team’s new wonderful stratego boards give extra playability to all participants.

The games started with the best mood for the players. At the top of the day were Niemeijer Pim, Vandoros Yiannis and Petroulakis Georgios with 3 wins.

On Saturday night, an official dinner was organized at the cafe-restaurant “To Neon” where guests were served with many appetizers, varieties of meat and plenty of beer and Greek wine and the cheerful and friendly mood of all.

The second day started with a great fight. Pim Niemeijer and Yiannis Vandoros would face each other at table no. After a great game, Vandor put 6 important points in his pocket. He knew that after this point he would just have to manage the remaining games properly to win first place. On the other hand, Niemeijer lost to Petroulakis and fell in the standings.

However, the latter lost a lot of his energy after his victory over Cook and failed to manage the rest of the games well. Niemeijer has won the last 3 and won 2nd place. On the opposite bank, Jenos started the first day with 2 defeats of its own against Niemeijer and Vandoros. But on the second day he did very well and managed to win Petroulakis in the last round and took the bronze medal.

For the gold medal, Vandoros defeated Baron in the last race and won the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) with 8 wins. As the most valuable he won a “Marshal LopiX, the mascot of the Patras Stratego Team.

At the closing ceremony, he lifted the trophy to the sky of Patras with gratitude engraved on his face. Pim Niemeijer has announced all the details for the upcoming Stratego 2019 World Championships in Sheffield, England. Jenos also invited all Greek players to the 2019 Panhellenic Championship in Serres. The other guests, Palley Charlie, Baas Dennis, Baron Angel, also took the floor.

The Patras Stratego Team and the organizers of the 2019 Patras Battles want to thank each participant for his presence. The next year is eagerly awaited for even more important players to come from the world of Stratego, as the year-on-year tournament level rises and gives more emotions.

The Red Cross gave its support to avoid any unexpected incidents. The event was covered by Sotiropoulos Christos with his photographic lens.

Winner’s Results

Patras Battles 2019
1. Vandoros Ioannis
2. Niemeijer Pim
3. Τzenos Paschalis

1. Karelas Gerasimos
2. Dimopoulos Ioannis
3. Molonis Georgios

Patras Battles 2018

The 4th Panhellenic Championship was held in the city of Patras on the 20th and 22nd of April. Organized by the Hellenic Stratego Committee, under the auspices of the Patras Stratego Team and the contribution of the Eglikados Cultural Association “Expression”, it was held in the magnificent area of ​​the Patras Municipal Library and in the cozy cafe “Neon”.

The Junior Championships (children up to 14 years old) started on Friday and ended at noon. The opening ceremony followed in King George I Square. The sequel belonged to the Senior category, where the players competed from Saturday afternoon, finishing their games on Sunday afternoon.

In the area of ​​the Municipal Library, a Stratego exhibition was opened, with old editions and variants.

Entries broke all records in both categories, coming from 7 Greek cities and 5 different teams (Athens Stratego Team, Patras Stratego Team, Pella Club Alexander the Great, Serres Stratego Team and Stratego Captains)!

The Pan-Hellenic Championships followed the rules of the World Federation (ISF) in the Senior category, as well as the Junior for the first time. The top three winners of the Junior category were eligible to enter the Senior category.

In detail, the Junior category had 7 rounds, four on Friday and three on Saturday. The category had a clear favorite, Elisha Vandoros, which was confirmed in the final rankings as well, having won first place. The other players attempted to claim a medal position while qualifying for the Junior category. Sotiropoulos Dimitris won the second place and Kougiemetros Orpheas placed third. However a Junior class is more fun, and this was evident in the great company that all the kids made with each other, wherever they came from.

After the Junior category, the Opening Ceremony impressed all players and made Stratego more popular in the city of Patras. At Georgiou Square, in front of the Apollo Municipal Theater, the event’s activities took place, with all players present. The speaker of the event was Dimitris Sarris, who in his own characteristic way, united Stratego’s acquaintances with those who wanted to watch and learn more about it. Gifts were also drawn and distributed to the children at the To Dondi Bookstore.

Christina Klonizaki, a member of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Patras, and Giorgos Trypanagnostopoulos, representative of the Patras Stratego Team, welcomed. Then there was a presentation of all the children in the Junior category and the awarding of the first three winners.

Next presentation was for the players and teams that were going to compete in the Senior category and the ceremony ended with a demo race at the 2017 Stratego Grand Prix by Greek Champion Vandoros Yiannis and Greek 2017 Champion Stanitsa Charalambos.

The Senior Senior Division, with 9 rounds divided into two days (four on Saturday and five on Sunday), gave a great deal of interest to the final outcome. At 2pm Saturday was the beginning and the fights were exciting in the lovely area of ​​the central hall of the Patras Municipal Library. The first day ended with Tsotra Manolis first, Chiotis Mars second and Vandoros Yannis third.

Then there was the annual meeting of the team members, where important decisions were made to enhance the upward course of the Hellenic Racing Stratego. The decision to activate as the sole and main national player of the Greek Stratego Panhellenic Union Stratego and the designation of the next Panhellenic Championship, in the spring of 2019, in the city of Serres stood out. The day closed with an established formal meal, an opportunity to relax and create beautiful relationships between all players, which took place at the “Neon” cafe.

Sunday was the day of the most crucial fights, as it began with one of the strongest battles, of Vandoros Yannis and Stanitsa Babis, the winner of the first. The sequel was great as the differences were minimal and the medal positions could not be easily predicted. The most crucial matches for the first place took place in the 8th round, where Vandoros Yiannis, having a difference in the first place, took advantage of the rest of the results and was the winner one round before the end. In the final round great games were played and the players had to cope with the tiredness of the constant races to get the win. With 7 players claiming second and third place, Stanitsas Babis and Koukas Anastasios finished the championship happily and with these wins.

The Closing Ceremony included the awards of those who contributed organically, such as the “Strategeiras” volunteers from the Patras Stratego Team, Sfountouris Loukas, Tetradi Athena, Papalexopoulou Konstantina and Panatsi Vassiliki, the referees of the match, Deaniras Fitzrajis. Thanks were also given to the Red Cross and its volunteers, who with their constant presence, covered the whole event.

The winners were awarded by members of the Patras Stratego Team and winner Vandoros Yiannis lifted up the gorgeous trophy that was dedicated exclusively for the Panhellenic Championship 2018 by Vitas-Fushing “Anassa” in the Municipal Library Room.

Organizing the 4th Panhellenic Championship Stratego 2018, the online game store “”, the cafe “Neon”, the “Dodi” bookstore, the copy25 “copy25”, the toy stores “The Game” have contributed significantly. , the “Chess Center of Greece” company, the “CustomPrints” printing company and the “Anassa” Vitro-Fushing workshop.

Sponsors of communication were the television station “SUPER B”, the radio station “Wave97.4”, the magazine “Fourth”, the newspaper “VPRESS”, the newspaper “Match Achaia”, the websites “” and “dytikosaxonas” .gr “and the” “event information site.

Many thanks to all the members of the Patras Stratego Team to the Municipality of Patras and to the staff of the Municipal Library of Patras for their support, at the Red Cross, to the Patras world that embraced the event, to the journalist Dimitris Sarris and especially to all his players participated from all parts of Greece, traveling many kilometers to find themselves at the grand event of the Greek Stratego Racing.

Winner’s Results

Patras Battles 2018
1. Vandoros Ioannis
2. Stanitsas Charalambos
3. Koukas Anastasios

1. Vandoros Elissaios
2. Sotiropoulos Dimitrios
3. Kougiemitros Orfeas

Patras Battles 2017

The Patras Stratego Team organized for the second consecutive year the great Patras Battles tournament, giving this year an international dimension to the contests. This time the co-organizer was the Eglikados Cultural Association “Expression”.

Patras Battles 2017, which was included in the official calendar of the Stratego World Federation (ISF) took place at the Silver Market in Patras, April 29-30, amidst a great atmosphere both by the organizers and participants as well as by many. .

Top player Tim Slagboom, upstart Charlie Palley and 2016 Greek Champion Yiannis Vandoros, honored the tournament with their special invitation. In addition to the special guests, some of the best Greek players and most of the Patras Stratego Team players took part in the big category.

There has been a lot of action since the early hours of Saturday, with Junior launching for the junior general and the Open tournament for beginners and new players. From the earliest ages to the oldest everyone adhered to the playfulness of giving a cheerful note.

After many fights in the Junior, the first one was Pilalis Ernestos of the Athens Stratego Team, the second was Anastopoulos Aristotle and the third was Demopoulos Ioannis.

At the Open, John Koutsocher took first place, leaving Carras Iohn second. Third place in the small final was won by Athens Stratego Team’s Pilalis Christos, from Con / Solos.

In fact, great qualification for the main event “Patras Battles” was won by Open and Junior players, which gave them the opportunity to gain experience in facing strong opponents.

Little friends were drawn to the Toothy Bookstore and free coffee was given to the first three winners of the Open by the “coworking space POS 4 Work”.

With the end of the Open and Junior, all competitors from Patras, the rest of the cities and friends from overseas arrived on Saturday noon. The central figures were none other than our three official guests, Giannis Vandoros (Greece 2016), Tim Slagboom (Dutch Champion), Charlie Palley (England) who were hosted at the Hotel Dolphin.

The opening-reception ceremony of our guests focused on the city of Patras, information about the team and presentation of the guests themselves. Georgakopoulos Elias, President of the Athletic Committee of the Municipality of Patras, made a welcoming speech. Detailed information on the Stratego World Championship 2017, provided by Adamakis Grigoris, spokesman for the Athens Stratego Team. Participation cards were then distributed to all players.

Patras Battles followed the Swiss Perfect tournament system with seven rounds. On Saturday, 3 of the 7 rounds were played and high competitiveness brought surprises to the first round, so no one could predict the outcome.

In the evening, the Patras Stratego Team organized a dinner at the Bosphorus Restaurant with tasty appetizers, plenty of tsipouro and local flavors.

Sunday, however, was the day of the culmination of the tournament. Four fights for each contestant with many twists and turns of favorites.

In the interim there was a draw of an elegant glass bow tie, sponsored by Vetro, with the winner being Alexia Kokkinovasilis.

Prior to the final round, three players (Palley, Vandoros and Trypanagnostopoulos) claimed the first place and eight players (Palley, Vandoros I, Slagboom, Trypanagnostopoulos, Tsotras, Vandoros S., Tsigounis) and the medalists. Eventually the English wins Charlie Palley over George Trypanagnostopoulos and the Dutch Tim Slagboom over Yannis Vandorou gave the title of Patras Battles 2017 champion to England, and in fact his first live tournament. Second was the Dutch and third was G. Vandoros.

It is worth noting that Ch.Palley won the trophy, sponsoring the “vitro-fielding Anassa” workshop with six wins, making his only defeat by Patras Stratego Team player Kon / Tsigouni.

At the same time, in the field of the tournament the team of Patras had a very beautiful exhibition with various special editions of stratego as well as presentation of photos of her action and past tournaments.

Also, there was an honorary painting exhibition of the late Ioannis Trypanagnostopoulos, father of the organizer George, as a minimum tribute to his maximum contribution to the group. This was the beginning of a series of exhibitions that would highlight the artist’s work and continue to promote his ideas.

The SuperB conveyed the feeling of the tournament through television. The Peloponnese newspaper and the Quarterly Magazine kept Patras informed throughout the week about the activities to be done at Patras Battles. Wave97.4 also supported the event.

The panel of judges was composed by D. Franzis, Th. Barsakis. and G. Boerako, working flawlessly and properly managing all categories. The Red Cross covered the entire tournament with a constant presence, deserving of its full thanks from the Patras Stratego Team.

The appearance of the female gender was satisfactory, reaching six in all participants.

Many thanks are due to the Municipality of Patras for granting the space, but also to the employees of the Agri Market for their support and in some cases of voluntary overtime.

Their practical support to Patras Battles, covering the necessary needs was provided by “Pink Panther” pizzeria, cafe “To The Throne”, “Snowshop” in Kalavrita, “CopyCorner Nikolopoulos Dimitris” and “KalavritaNEWS”.

The contribution of the Athens Stratego Team (a member of the Greek Stratego Union) to the use of 6 strategic strategos, to meet the major demands of the tournament, is significant.

The announcement of the creation of a new team at Pyrgos Ilias by former Patras Stratego Team player Thanasis Koustenis is a welcome news.

Winner’s Results

Patras Battles 2017
1. Palley Charlie
2. Slagboom Tim
3. Vandoros Ioannis

1. Koutsocheras Ioannis
2. Pilalis Christos
3. Karras Ioannis

1. Vandoros Elissaios
2. Anastopoulos Aristotelis
3. Dimopoulos Ioannis

Patras Battles 2016

The Patras Stratego Team, in collaboration with the University of Patras University Gym, successfully organized the Stratego Battles 2016 Tournament at the University of Patras Choir Hall.

The event had four categories. It started on Friday, February 19th with the Student Tournament. The same afternoon the Open Patras (open to players aged 15 and over) took place. Saturday morning was Junior and from noon to Sunday at noon, the Patras Battles 2016 was held with the participation of top Greek stratego players.

The entries totaled 60 and with the presence of several spectators, there was a warm atmosphere in each category.

There was an exhibition with old table strategos, posters with information from the Patras Stratego Team, the Hellenic Stratego Federation, the Greek Online Stratego Community (GOSC) and of course a lot more game information.

The shop “” and the cafe “To Thranio” contributed significantly to the tournament.

The Hellenic Red Cross provided the presence of our young players with the presence and thank you very much for that.

The prizes for the winners were offered by the shop “”, the stained glass workshop “Anassa”, the coworking space POS 4 Work and the bookstores “RUMBI”.


To Karadagli Lena, Siafarika Takis, Tetradi Athena, Tsapali Nineta, Tzintonis Antonis, Trypanagnostopoulou Maria, Frantzis Dimitris for their voluntary services.

To players who came from other cities to participate in the tournament.
At the Choir of the University of Patras she was delighted to offer her beautiful room.
To Mr. Dimitris P. who contributed to the loan of watches for the needs of the tournament.
To sponsors and sponsors of the event: Wave97.4 radio station, Quarterly magazine, Peloponnese newspaper, event website, store, cafe The Thraniou, work showcase Anassa, coworking space POS 4 Work, bookstore dolphin hotel.

All the Patras Stratego Team players gave their time and dedication to the event and the new ones were seamlessly integrated into a large group.

Winners’ Results

Patras Battles 2016
1. Georgakopoulos Spyros
2. Petroulakis George
3. Genos Paschalis

1. Savvanis Andreas
2. Cosmopoulos Dimitris
3. Tsigounis Constantine

1. Dimakopoulos Panagiotis
2. Papalexopoulos George
3. Kitsos Christos

1. Vandoros Elissaios
2. Anastopoulos Aristotelis
3. Tetradis George